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Talisi menstrual cup set - Sensitive w/o sterilizer cup (pink & white)

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Set of 2 Period Cup Reusable

Small and Large Size

Silicone Soft Cups Regular and Heavy Flow

  • Made using soft silicone to provide you with reusable menstrual cups that are comfortable to wear
  • These feminine hygiene cups offer 12 hours of reliable leak proof and odor proof protection
  • Our small and large menstrual cup set is ideal for sports along with other outdoor activities
  • This nontoxic hypoallergenic period cup set does not contain any BPA or harmful chemicals
  • Our eco friendly menstrual soft cups provide reliable performance and protection up to 15 years

Embrace The Future Of Menstrual Relief With Talisi Hygienic & Feminine Reusable Menstrual Cups!

Talisi silicone menstrual cups were designed with one goal in mind which was to provide women with a safe, comfortable, and odorless period for 12 hours without worrying about leaks or getting in the way of their mobility.

This comfy and flexible menstruation cup set is made using medical-grade silicone to collect menstrual flow on light and heavy days without causing vaginal dryness so that you can care for your body without relying on chemicals or harmful products.

Enjoy An Active Life Filled With Freedom & Big Savings!

Our soft menstrual cup set safely stays in place allowing you to freely take part in sports like swimming, running, hiking, traveling or just for daily use.

It’s a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual solutions that you can even use while sleeping.

Unlike tampons and pads that can only be used once, Talisi girl period cups are made to provide you with reliable leak-proof protection for over 15 years making these not only cost-friendly but also the eco-friendly choice.

Even More Features You’ll Love:

• Made using only non-toxic and safe to use silicone

• These are better for your health and the environment

• Won’t cause dryness or irritation

• Easy to use and comfortable to wear all day

• Designed with easy to clean rounded edges

Package Includes:

1 x Small Menstrual Cup – For women under 30, haven’t given birth or have a light to medium flow

1 x Large Menstrual Cup – For women over 30, have given birth or have a heavy flow

1 x Cotton Menstrual Cup Bag – For easy storage and on the go use

1 x User Manual – Easy to follow instructions to help you get started

Order Today To Embrace A More Hygienic & Feminine Menstrual Solution!

How to use sterilizing cup?

Add water to cover the Talisi cup and put in the microwave until the water boils for at least 2-3 minutes. The exact time will depend on the power of your microwave. We recommend boiling your Talisi cup for 3-5 minutes to sanitize it before use and between cycles. Please always make sure that there is plenty of water so that your Talisi cup is always completely covered in water, remember that during the boiling process, some water naturally evaporates.

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