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Menstrual cup set for beginners with long stem (blue & pink)

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What is a Menstrual Cup Folding Methods Sizing guide Here is our FAQ

Are you a beginner, looking for tampons and pads alternative? It's great that you came here to find your first menstrual cup!
We will not deny it, the first few times it can be a little difficult, it can even hurt a little. But don't worry, it will only last 1-2 times until you and your body get used to the new sensations.
Ideally, for the first time, it is better to choose a smaller menstrual cup, and if it doesn't fit, you can always replace it with a larger one - and this is very easy because all our sets include small and large cups.

Light or Normal flow. This type of cup is better to use by women with the light of medium menstrual flow.

The Days Of Tampons And Menstrual Pads Are Over With Talisi Reusable Period Cups

Tampons and menstrual pads are becoming more and more ineffective simply because they haven't met up with contemporary requirements. This has ushered in the emergence of a new product in the market — Talisi Reusable Period cups! These reusable cups have been designed to eliminate irritation, discomfort, and risks in everyday life of a menstruating woman.

These cups come in two forms — normal and heavy flow — to prevent the likelihood of any menstrual leak. These cost-effective and ergonomic cups are designed with smooth surfaces that provides comfort at any given time or location. Whether you're at work, in school, at the gym, at the sports field, etc., it doesn't matter.

Like Us, You Shouldn't Compromise At All.

We give our all to make quality products, using a hundred percent medical-friendly silicones and other relatively safe substances to produce this menstrual cup. Along with our ingenious approach towards layout and structure, we ensure that this product gives you all the freedom you want while taking out all your menstrual worries.

Every pack comprises two menstrual cups of different sizes (large and small), along with a collapsible menstruation cup sterilizer that enables simple and easy cleaning of the cup. A carrying bag is also included to ensure you can carry it around without stress.

  • Made without harmful chemicals or synthetics
  • Comes in small and large sizes
  • Suitable for menstruating women of all ages
  • Doesn't go out of place, thereby offering comfort
  • Prevents menstrual leaks and is reusable
  • Can be worn for about twelve hours
  • One Small Menstrual Cup against the normal flow
  • One Large Menstrual Cup against the heavy flow
  • One cotton Menstrual Cup Bag
  • A User guide
  • One Foldable Sterilizer Cup Container-Sanitizer

With Talisi reusable period cups, a life of comfort, fulfillment, and happiness is guaranteed!

How to use sterilizing cup:

Add water to cover the Talisi cup and put in the microwave until the water boils for at least 2-3 minutes. The exact time will depend on the power of your microwave. We recommend boiling your Talisi cup for 3-5 minutes to sanitize it before use and between cycles.

Please always make sure that there is plenty of water so that your Talisi cup is always completely covered in water, remember that during the boiling process, some water naturally evaporates.

Our cup sets are Dioxin free, Phthalate-free, Latex-free, BPA free. They are non-toxic, allergy-free, and cruelty-free. Here in Talisi, we are trying not only to facilitate the course of your period but also to take care of improving the environment around us. We promote the idea of a zero-waste lifestyle and maximize waste recycling. We hope that by choosing Talisi menstrual cups, you not only make yourself better but also embrace our beliefs, making the world around you better.
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